The Architecture Drawing Prize is celebrating its fifth year and continues to attract outstanding entries from around the world. This year has been exceptional in the number and strength of student submissions the Prize has attracted across its three categories for entry: hand-drawn, hybrid and digital. In fact, the winning drawings for all three categories are by students.



Hand-drawn Winner
Reconfiguring Addis Ababa’s Narratives by Antonio Paoletti

手绘类的冠军是安东尼奥·保莱蒂(Antonio Paoletti)创作的《重构亚的斯亚贝巴叙事》。该作品针对亚的斯亚贝巴居民的生计受到快速城市化威胁的问题,以漫画形式探讨了亚的斯亚贝巴破旧历史街区的重建方案。

索恩博物馆(Sir John Soane’s Museum)策展人兼建筑制图奖评委路易丝·斯图尔特(Louise Stewart)如是评价该作品:“这幅令人印象深刻的绘画采取了与众不同的方式,将叙事和建筑对人们生活的影响作为建筑制图的核心,突出了当今建筑制图的活力,及其促进创造与实验的方式。”

The Winner of the Hand-Drawn category is ‘Reconfiguring Addis Ababa’s Narratives’ by Antonio Paoletti. It depicts a graphic novel exploring a proposal for the redevelopment of Addis Ababa’s dilapidated historical districts, where the livelihoods of resident communities are threatened by the city’s rapid urbanisation.

Sir John Soane’s Museum’s Exhibitions Curator and Architecture Drawing Prize judge, Louise Stewart, describes the work,  “This impressive drawing uses an unusual format to place narrative and the impact of buildings on peoples’ lives at the heart of architectural drawing. This approach highlights the vibrancy of architectural drawing today, and the way it facilitates creativity and experimentation.”

Other Hand-drawn Category Shortlisted Works

Memories of the Last Tree by Olivia O’Callaghan

Treehouses Without Trees by Thomas Schaller

Hybrid Winner

今年混合类有两个并列冠军,即菲利帕·达芙妮(Filippa Dafni)创作的《流体地层》和胡伯骥(Boji Hu)创作的《(不)平凡》,这两幅作品给评委留下了深刻印象,突出了作者在不同绘画技术方面的创意与才华。

This year there are two joint Winners in the Hybrid category that highlight originality and flair in combining different drawing techniques. The judges were equally impressed by ‘Fluid Strata’ by Filippa Dafni and ‘(Un)homeliness’ by Boji Hu.


Fluid Strata by Filippa Dafni

《流体地层》提议激活“地层深处”作为洪水防御景观,以应对伦敦市中心的环境危机。Make Architects创始人兼评委肯·沙特尔沃思(Ken Shuttleworth)如是评论该作品:“作为评审团,我们都对菲利帕·达芙妮模糊物理对象界限的方式以及她高超的绘画技巧和想象力感到印象深刻,这促使该作品成为混合类图纸的杰出案例。”

‘Fluid Strata’ is a drawing responding to the climate emergency in Central London by proposing the activation of the “Deep Ground” as a responsive flood-defence landscape. Ken Shuttleworth, founder of Make Architects and judge, commented on Filippa Dafni’s drawing,  “As a jury we were all impressed by Fluid Strata and the way it blurs the lines between physical objects and drawing with great skill and imagination, making it a truly exceptional example of a hybrid rendering.”

(Un)homeliness by Boji Hu

胡伯骥创作的《(不)平凡》由两部分组成,包括一组手绘短片和一组图像。该作品通过发挥城市空地的潜力,为无家可归者、难民和寻求避难者提供庇护,探索了私人和公共领域的界限。Lily Jencks Studio/ Jencks Squared的联合创始人、建筑师兼评委莉莉·詹克斯(Lily Jencks)如是评价该作品:“《(不)平凡》通过伤感的铅笔稿讲述了充满力量的故事。我很高兴能够看到定格画面伴随声音传达出强烈的城市氛围,再加上精彩的渲染图,使人感受到混合类建筑制图的十足潜力。”

Boji Hu’s ‘(Un)homeliness’ includes a hand-drawn short film together with a set of images. The two-part work explores the boundaries of private and public spheres by fulfilling the potential of the vacant urban interior to shield homeless people, refugee, and asylum seekers. Fellow judge and architect Lily Jencks, Co-founder of Lily Jencks Studio/ Jencks Squared, says of the joint hybrid category winner, “‘(Un)homeliness’ is a powerful story told with a moody suggestive pencil gesture. It was exciting to see the stills animated with sound to convey a strong atmospheric urban scene, accompanied by beautiful renders to give a sense of a full potential of hybrid architectural drawings.”

Other Hybrid Category Shortlisted Works

The Water Parliament – Bangkok City 2100 by Tyler Lim

Digital Winner
Site(s) of Flux by Zachary Higson

数字类的冠军是扎卡里·希格森(Zachary Higson)创作的《流动的现场(们)》,该作品以地点为依据并对其性质进行调查,开始质疑传统项目应该如何按照工作室(卧室)和场地之间的关系进行?Foster + Partners的高级合伙人兼评委纳林德·萨古(Narinder Sagoo)对该作品为何获得数字类冠军解释到:“本次数字类冠军《流动的现场(们)》在二维平面内创建了索恩式蒙太奇的模型、照片以及绘画。图纸中涵盖另一张图纸,甚至更多。人们可以一次次地探索这幅作品,并且每次都能有惊喜的发现。”

The Digital category Winner is ‘Site(s) of Flux’ by Zachary Higson. ‘Site(s) of Flux’ is a location-based project investigating the nature of place. It begins to question how a traditional architectural project should be carried out in terms of the relationships between studio (bedroom) and site. Narinder Sagoo, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners and one of the Prize judges, explained why it was selected as the Winner in the digital category, “Our digital prize winner ‘Sites(s) of Flux’ creates a Soane -like montage of models, photos and paintings within a two- dimensional picture plane. A drawing within a drawing, and more. One could explore this piece time and time again, discovering another level of genius each time.”

此外,《流动的现场(们)》还入选了在疫情期间设立的“封锁奖”,并获得入围手绘、混合及数字类决赛的荣耀。世界建筑界总监保罗·芬奇(Paul Finch)主持了评委会,他指出:“这幅作品诞生于疫情期间居家隔离的潜在幽闭环境,建设性研究的深度、即用性以及由此产生的内容使《流动的现场(们)》成为当之无愧的冠军。”

‘Site(s) of Flux’ was also selected for The Lockdown Prize, established during the pandemic, and is awarded to one of the finalists in the hand-drawn, hybrid and digital categories. World Architecture Festival Director, Paul Finch, who chaired the judging panel notes, “This drawing was generated in the potentially claustrophobic context of home isolation during the pandemic. The depth of constructive engagement with the immediately available, and the work that resulted, make ‘Site(s) of Flux’ a worthy winner of this year’s Lockdown Prize.”


Other Digital Category Shortlisted Works

The Promenade through Enfield Town by Sachini Jayasena

The Recess 1 by Anton Markus Pasing

Outlines of Nuclear Geography by Sabina Blasiotti